My name is Veialu (pronounced Vay-ah-lou). I'm a screenwriter of mixed heritage from Papua New Guinea and New Zealand, based in San Francisco.


I write stories that explore identity, history, and finding our voices in the world as females of color. 

My genre is dramas/dramedies.

I meditate.

I have two master's degrees.

I once did a Goddess workshop in Egypt, whitewater rafted in Nepal, and saw a ghost in Rome.

29 is the number of countries I've traveled to.

5 of them I've lived in.

A punnet is what you get berries in where I'm from.

I make little houses from old boxes for my cats.

I’ve watched more movies and series than is probably medically advisable.



I found my happy-place screenwriting after 15+ years in the game as an award-winning television creative in Australia - writing, producing, directing, and editing 100s of Network TV campaigns - as well as directing theater pieces and short films (one of my shorts screened at the prestigious Berlin Film Festival and 27 film festivals).


I'm also the creator of @hollywood.diversity a film blog that celebrates diversity in old Hollywood, and  @united.we.rawr a community for underrepresented filmmakers.

Thanks for stopping by!



First Storytelling Heroes: 


Anne Frank, Hone Tuwhare (Maori poet), Billie Holiday, Charlie Chaplin, Janet Frame (N.Z. author), elders who told me Maori myths, Nina Simone

Favorite Scripts: 


Stand by Me, Handmaid's Tale (pilot), The English Patient, Call Me By Your Name, Euphoria (pilot), Boogie Nights , Moonlight

Favorite Directors: 


Mira Nair, Amma Asante, Jane Campion, Wong Kar-wai, Walter Salles, Pedro Almodóvar, Dorothy Arzner, Chloé Zhao, Euzhan Palcy, Stanley Kramer

Favorite Movie:


This is hard to answer, there are so many!!





Selected for Round 2, Sundance Development Track 2022


Finalist, BIPOC Writers' Fellowship

Semi-Finalist, Creative Screenwriting Unique Voices

Top 100, Table Read Genre Competition (Historical/Biopic)


Top 10% - Academy Nicholl Fellowship

Top 20% (Second Rounder) - Austin Film Festival Script Competition

Top 50 Finalist - Launch Pad Feature Screenwriting Competition

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