My name is Veialu (pronounced Vay-ah-loo).

I'm a screenwriter/director of mixed heritage from Papua New Guinea and New Zealand, based in San Francisco, California.

I specialize in writing female-driven dramas.  My stories explore identity, history, and Females of Color finding their voice in the world.

I'm a film nerd.

I meditate.

I have two master's degrees.

I once did a Goddess workshop in Egypt, whitewater rafted in Nepal, and saw a ghost in Rome.

29 is the number of countries I've traveled to.

5 of them I've lived in.

A punnet is what you get berries in where I'm from.

I’ve watched more movies and series than is probably medically advisable.

I love plants (especially ones that give a jungle vibe), dark comedies, cats, dogs, dumplings, and biopics.

I believe in the power of storytelling to connect us, empower us, and uplift underrepresented voices.

I believe self-love is the key to inner peace.


I found my happy-place screenwriting after 15+ years in the game as an award-winning television creative in Australia, specializing in media strategy, branding, television production, and directing.


Along my journey I've written, produced, directed, and edited 100s of Network TV campaigns; launched two TV channels; directed theater pieces in New Zealand; directed social impact shorts in India; earned three degrees; and my animated short film screened at the Berlin Film Festival and 27 film festivals.

Recently, my screenplay, The Defiant One, was selected for the 2021 CAPE List, and I was awarded the 2022 Armed With a Camera Fellowship by Visual Communication


I'm also developing a documentary, Guardians of the River, about an Indigenous activist in Papua New Guinea on a quest to protect a precious river with Walking Fish Productions (Australia) and Brown Sugar Apple Grunt (New Zealand).


@hollywood.diversity celebrates old Hollywood trailblazers

@united.we.rawr supports underrepresented filmmakers


January 18, 2022


Article featuring GUARDIANS OF THE RIVER, co-directed by Veialu - "The Australian International Documentary Conference (AIDC) has announced the 13 projects that will take part in The FACTory international pitching showcase for 2022."



November 17, 2021


Article featuring Veialu's screenplay THE DEFIANT ONE - "CAPE And The Black List Reveal Selected Scripts For The Third Annual CAPE List."




Awarded the "Armed With a Camera Fellowship" by Visual Communications

"Special Mention" at the 2022 UK Online Pitchbox

Quarter-finalist 2022 (Spring) Screencraft Film Fund



2021 CAPE List (1 of 10 scripts)


Selected for Round 2, Sundance Development Track 2022


Finalist, BIPOC Writers' Fellowship

Semi-Finalist, Creative Screenwriting Unique Voices

Top 100, Table Read Genre Competition (Historical/Biopic)


Top 10% - Academy Nicholl Fellowship

Top 20% (Second Rounder) - Austin Film Festival Script Competition

Top 50 Finalist - Launch Pad Feature Screenwriting Competition

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