New Zealander,

Papua New Guinean.

Hello, I'm Veialu

A San Francisco-based screenwriter specializing in female-driven dramas. 


I write stories about underrepresented females finding their voice and place in the world.  Read about my latest screenplays here.

My first name is Veialu, pronounced "Vey-ah-loo", you can also call me Lulu.

I meditate.  

I plant trees for fun.

I have three university degrees. 

29 is the number of countries I've traveled to, 6 of them I've lived in.

A "punnet" is what you get strawberries in where I'm from.

Laughter is that thing that happens when I see a dog trying to run in tiny stilettos.

I’ve watched more films and series than is probably medically advisable.

I believe films and series are where we negotiate our humanity. They connect us.

My homelands are New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, I am indigenous.


I've worked in the industry for 20 years, mainly in Australia and New Zealand as an award-winning television promo (trailer) producer, director, and editor. I've also written and directed short films and commercials.

The short film I directed, produced, wrote and illustrated, BLUE WILLOW, screened at the Berlin Film Festival and over 27 festivals worldwide.


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Feature / Historical Drama, Inspired By True Events



Feature / Historical Drama, True Crime

The writer has a very strong voice and professional style.  I especially liked the writer's ability to put the audience into a superior position.

"Recommend" in coverage from - WAR DANCER

Two Pens


If you're looking for someone with a fresh voice, a good pair of listening ears and top notch writing skills, you've come to the right place.  I'd love the opportunity to pitch my take on your idea.

Not sure?  Let's talk about it.

Email me at or connect with me on Linkedin.


Dramas with female protagonists.


Drama, Character-driven, Historical, True Stories, Indigenous


For twenty years...

I was fortunate to learn about filmmaking and storytelling on the job by writing, producing, directing, and editing hundreds of network television promos, as well as making a bunch of short films and directing theater projects.


I also studied storytelling at university (three degrees in Scriptwriting, Theater Directing, and Communication Studies), and also screenwriting at ScreenwritingU school.

This experience taught me the value of visual storytelling, the importance of teamwork, and how to be creative on-demand (often with tight-deadlines). 


Here are some examples of my work, from big-budget television campaigns in Australia to small non-profit short films in India:

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